Optimized Animal Nutrition

Optimized Animal Nutrition

When animal feed provides strong nutrition, it significantly contributes to animal health and welfare as well as sustainable livestock farming.

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Ensuring Responsible Animal Feeding

At ADM, we offer our animal nutrition capabilities and know-how, our worldwide presence and our team of experts that cover a large range of animal species. With this, we provide individualized solutions that optimize feed efficiency and maximize animal performance while contributing to a more sustainable approach to livestock farming.

Our capabilities come from our unique business model:

  • Multi-activity—We are a global leader in animal nutrition, with over 120 years of experience in the field.
  • Multi-zone—Our presence in mature markets such as North America and Europe, as well as rapidly developing regions such as South America, Africa, and Asia, enriches and strengthens our expertise and our ability to offer global solutions tailored to local needs.​
  • Multi-species—Our extensive expertise in animal food production covers the world’s major species, regional species, niches and fast growing markets, and enables us to effectively respond to societal changes, including the rapid rise in aquaculture and the growing need for pet nutrition solutions.​


We develop industry-advancing innovations by leveraging our unique, science-backed capabilities, including a global network of R&D centers and a broad portfolio of raw materials, feed additives, ingredients and nutrition solutions, combined with investments in digital technology.​

By leveraging our global collaborations with universities, data companies, startups, clinical research organizations and others, we further our research capabilities. By doing so, we stay advanced in the market with improved outcomes for aquaculture, poultry, ruminant, swine and pet nutrition.​

At all times, our innovation priorities are:

  • Enhancing animal health through nutrition
  • Leveraging formulation expertise to optimize feeding costs in a volatile commodity market
  • Increasing animal growth and performance

We favor listening to the needs of customers and end consumers. Doing so allows us to define and prioritize our fields of innovation, which range from performance and optimization of production costs to the quality of finished animal products, sustainability and animal welfare.

Optimize Efficiency

By developing market-ready, science-based nutrition that addresses specific animal challenges, we provide access to products that improve animal performance, enhance productivity and growth, and ultimately help meet the demand for improved animal welfare and higher-quality, more nutritious food.

Our priorities for achieving optimal feed efficiency include:

  • Optimizing food nutrition quality through animal feed solutions
  • Minimizing emissions through precise nutrition
  • Committing to continuous innovation

Alternatives to Non-critical Antibiotics

While some antibiotics remain necessary for addressing critical health concerns, the reduction of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) is becoming a consumer expectation due to the health risks they may impose. Even before reducing the use of medication became a global trend, ADM has been investigating alternative solutions that will contribute to more resilient animal production and a sustainable future.

We are recognized worldwide for our animal nutrition solutions sourced from natural and sustainable ingredients, including alternatives to antibiotics. These options still optimize animal care and comfort while enhancing resilience and robustness.​ Throughout our work, our priorities for precise and responsible nutrition include:

  • Enhancing animal durability and performance through nutrition solutions
  • Optimizing animal health and welfare
  • Delivering high-quality end products

Our formulation expertise and portfolio of additives and premix and services optimizes animal health and welfare while helping our partners create solutions that give them the edge.


Our nutrition solutions assist with animal production targets, while improving animal welfare and reducing the environmental impact of animal production. We continually strive to help our producers maximize animal performance and lower their environmental impact.

​Our efforts to introduce new feed solutions are based on three sustainability priorities:

  • Maximizing animal durability and feed efficiency by reducing waste and resources used, while also improving animal welfare and growth
  • Reducing the environmental impact of animal production, including greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen and mineral excretion, water contamination and energy consumption
  • Making ethical and sustainable use of natural resources through traceability and responsible sourcing.

Pet Nutrition

Pet owners are increasingly concerned about their pets’ health and are seeking new approaches to take care of them, in similar ways as they take care of themselves. Manufacturing better tasting, nutritious pet foods and treats that promote animal health and well-being is easier with ADM.

We are the ideal partner for solutions that provide precision nutrition handling, especially with ingredients that have unique handling properties, such as complex proteins, flavors, colors and others.​ We also offer alternative proteins that tackle current pet food trends.

We offer the most diverse portfolio of pet nutrition solutions together with technical ingenuity, nutrition expertise, market knowledge and industry-advancing innovation capabilities.

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This content is based on United States laws and regulations applicable on the day of publication of this content. We point out that customers are required to ensure that any labeling and claims made by customers for their finished products must be based on the regulatory requirements and scientific standards of the country in which the final products are offered for sale. Not all products are available in all regions.

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